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Course (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) (BEd(Sec))


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Title Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) (BEd(Sec))
Course Code B1368
Study Level Bachelor (Undergraduate)
Organisational Unit Education
Academic Contacts

Academic Chair: Mrs Alison Hilton | Email: A.Hilton@murdoch.edu.au | Tel: 9360 7558

Qualification Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) (BEd(Sec))
Duration 4 years Full-time or part-time equivalent. Mid year commencement may result in a longer duration due to unit availability.
Availability Murdoch campus (internal)
Some units only: Murdoch campus (external)
International students must commence in Semester 1 only.
Description Upon successfully completing the B.Ed (Secondary Teaching), graduates may apply for registration to teach a Major teaching area and a Minor Teaching area at the secondary school level. Students will study both areas concurrently within the Bachelor of Education. The Bachelor of Education course learning outcomes address both AQF Level 7 and the Graduate Teacher Standards established by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), the professional standards for initial registration as a teacher in Australia.
As a result of this course students will develop a broad and coherent body of knowledge and skills, an underlying understanding of principles and concepts for their professional practice as a teacher and/or for another professional role in education.
Selection of Major Teaching Area and Minor Teaching Area options are limited to the following areas/subjects in secondary schools:

Major Teaching Areas:
Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography and Economics; History; OR Politics)
Mathematics (Advanced Mathematics OR Mathematics)
Physical Education (Must be combined with Health Education Minor Teaching area)
Science (Biology and Environmental Science, Biology and Human Biology, Chemistry
(must be combined with Mathematics Minor Teaching area), Earth and
Environmental Science, Physics (must be combined with Mathematics Minor Teaching area)

Minor Teaching Areas:
Health Education (Must be combined with Physical Education Major Teaching area)
Humanities and Social Sciences
Mathematics Science, Biological Science, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics)
Advice about suitable teaching areas/subjects may be obtained from the Academic Chair (Secondary).
Professional Experience: There are 80 days of mentored teaching practice in this course.
This course requires students to undertake work-based training through a compulsory work-based placement as part of their studies.
Admission Requirements: Onshore course offerings As per normal undergraduate admission requirements.

English competence.
Special Requirements Enrolment is subject to restriction due to professional recognition requirements.

Prior to placement in any school for Professional Experience, it is mandatory that pre-service teachers complete or obtain several forms and clearances. Information and forms regarding these mandatory requirements can be accessed via the Professional Experience website:
http://www.murdoch.edu.au/School-of-Education/Professional-Experience Completion and submission of these mandatory requirements is essential before placements can be arranged.

A maximum of 25% of total Professional Experience days in the course may be taken overseas.

Please note the following requirements for Teacher Registration in Australia: Students admitted to Initial Teacher Education programs on the basis of an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assessment, or an equivalent English language proficiency assessment, must have attained an overall IELTS (or equivalent) score of 7.5 (with no score below 7 in any of the four skills areas, and a score of no less than 8 in speaking and listening), either on entry to or on graduation from the program.

All students who commence an Initial Teacher Education Course from 2017 onwards are required to complete Literacy and Numeracy Tests for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE), administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Further information is available on the School of Education website.

All students commencing an initial teacher education course from 2019 onwards will be required to successfully complete the SimLab Screening
Evaluation to demonstrate that they meet the 'Fit for Profession' accreditation requirement. Further information is available on the School of
Education website.
Course Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this course, students will have demonstrated the following skills, knowledge and attributes at a graduate teacher standard:

CLO1 - integrate in a differentiated context an appropriate level of content knowledge, understanding, pedagogy, classroom management skills and teaching skills to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners Years 7-12.

CLO2 - develop and implement learning and teaching programs that meet statutory curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements.

CLO3 - analyse and interpret diagnostic and assessment data to evaluate students' learning, modify and differentiate teaching practice and apply timely, diverse and appropriate feedback to enhance learning and teaching.

CLO4 - create and integrate practical strategies for developing psychological needs support with and guiding childrens' behaviour to support their well-being, emotional and social needs, and safety and to maximize their learning opportunities.

CLO5 - work ethically, collaboratively and with reflection.

CLO6 - demonstrate achievement of AITSL Graduate Professional Standards through a portfolio.

CLO7 - demonstrate knowledge and understanding of English and numeracy content, curriculum and teaching strategies, and capacity to apply them in a classroom to enhance the progressive learning of students.
Employment Prospects Murdoch graduates are employed in government and non-government schools and other education-related occupations.
Professional Recognition On completion of the Bachelor of Education, students have a widely accepted qualification from a recognised university and are eligible for registration by the Teacher Registration Board of W.A.
Professional Accreditation Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Teacher Registration Board of WA (TRBWA) http://www.trb.wa.gov.au/)
Main research areas Education, teaching, curriculum
Student Load Please note that students are required to undertake the unit EDN451 Adolescent Family and Community Health as a summer offering.
External Study Not all required units in these majors are offered externally.
Credit/Exemptions Students seeking exemptions must be able to provide documentary evidence in support of their application.

Students who have had at least two years of full-time recent relevant and satisfactory teaching experience in an Australian school context may seek partial exemption from some Professional Experience unit/s. While Murdoch recognises that some students may have prior and/or current teaching experience, it requires that a student's classroom competence be assessed before exemptions from Professional Experience can be given.

Students who have been employed as a teacher and have had at least one year of full-time equivalent recent, relevant and satisfactory teaching experience in an Australian school context may seek exemption from BED150 Understanding Teachers' Work.

Students cannot receive exemption from the Final Professional Experience (1 & 2): Secondary Teaching units.

If seeking un-credentialled credit students must submit a case in writing, with supporting documentary evidence to explain how the outcomes of units have already been achieved through prior experience. All applications for exemption and credit must be directed to the Accreditation Officer.
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.

Course Structure - 96 credit points

Course Core - 45 credit points

Year 1 - 12 credit points

Course Core Units - 12 credit points

EDN199 SimLab Entry Screening - 0 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S2E-internal

EDN298 LANTITE - Literacy - 0 points
MURDOCH: AU7-external, AW1-external, SP2-external, SS2-external

EDN299 LANTITE - Numeracy - 0 points
MURDOCH: AU7-external, AW1-external, SP2-external, SS2-external

BED100 Ideas in Education - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external, S2E-internal, S2E-external

BED150 Understanding Teachers' Work - 3 points
MURDOCH: S2E-internal, S2E-external

EDN111 Language for Learning and Teaching - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external

EDN113 Living and Learning with Technology - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external

Year 2 - 9 credit points

Course Core Units - 9 credit points

BED200 Assessment and Action Research - 3 points
MURDOCH: S2E-internal, S2E-external

EDN221 Learning and Teaching - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external

EDN2101 Professional Experience: BEd Secondary Teaching - 3 points
MURDOCH: S2E-external

Year 3 - 9 credit points

Course Core Units - 9 credit points

EDN340 Professional Experience Secondary Teaching - 3 points
MURDOCH: S2E-internal, S2E-external

EDN353 Country, Cultures, Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Across the Curriculum - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external

EDN358 Creating and Managing Effective Learning Environments - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1E-internal, S1E-external

Year 4 - 15 credit points

Course Core Units - 15 credit points

EDN451 Adolescent Family and Community Health - 3 points
MURDOCH: UA4-internal

EDN449 Inclusive Education - 3 points
MURDOCH: S2E-internal, S2E-external

EDN499 Quality Teaching Performance Assessment - 3 points
MURDOCH: UW1-internal, UW1-external, YU2-internal, YU2-external

EDN4301 Final Professional Experience 2: Secondary Teaching - 6 points
MURDOCH: ST3-placement

Major - 30 credit points

Choose one of the Major Teaching Areas below:

MJ-AMAS Advanced Mathematics Major Teaching Area
MJ-BEVS Biology and Environment Science Major Teaching Area
MJ-BHBS Biology and Human Biology Major Teaching Area
MJ- CHES Chemistry Major Teaching Area
MJ-EESS Earth and Environmental Science Major Teaching Area
MJ-ENGS English Major Teaching Area
MJ-HISS History (HASS) Major Teaching Area
MJ-GECS Geography and Economics (HASS) Major Teaching Area
MJ-MAMS Mathematics Major Teaching Area
MJ-PHES Physical Education Major Teaching Area
MJ-PHSS Physics Major Teaching Area
MJ-POLS Politics (HASS) Major Teaching Area

Co-Major - 21 credit points

Choose one of the Minor Teaching Areas:
CJ-BESM Biological Science Minor Teaching Area
CJ-CHEM Chemistry Minor Teaching Area
CJ-EESM Earth and Environmental Science Minor Teaching Area
CJ-ENGM English Minor Teaching Area
CJ-HEEM Health Education Minor Teaching Area
CJ-HSSM Humanities and Social Studies (HASS) Minor Teaching Area
CJ-MATM Mathematics Minor Teaching Area
CJ-PHSM Physics Minor Teaching Area

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