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The University reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any course, major, minor or unit if the number of students enrolled falls below limits set by the University.

Regulations and Rules

Students should ensure they are familiar with the University's internal legislation, including provisions specifically relevant to their studies. See the University Regulation overview and view legislation online.

Tuition Fee Calculator

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Student Type: Domestic - Research - commenced any year

Domestic Students enrolled in a Higher Degree Research course currently are not required to pay tuition fees as the cost of their course is covered under the Research Training Scheme (RTS). It is possible in the future that the RTS funding will not cover all Research students, at which time some students may be required to pay domestic full fees.

Please ignore any fee information presented in the Tuition Fee Calculator. Research students are expected to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Research Masters (with Training)


  • Murdoch campus (internal)
    Murdoch campus (external)
    Mandurah campus (internal)
    Mandurah campus (external)
    Rockingham campus (internal)
    Rockingham campus (external)
  • UnitField of EducationCredit PointsEFTSL Fee
    Course Structure - 36 credit points

    Candidates undertake 12 points of \graduate coursework units in their research area. Units should relate to the area of research and be discussed with supervisors. A satisfactory outcome must be achieved in those units before a candidate is allowed to progress to their research thesis (24 credit points).

    For further information on Graduate Research Degrees, see the Future Research Students website:

    The onus is on you to ensure that the units selected satisfy all of the course requirements.

    Note: Fees shown have been rounded to the nearest dollar. Not all units are available for online self-enrolment.

    Total required for the course: 36 credit points (1.500 EFTSL).