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University Regulation

Information in this Handbook reflects revisions to University regulations and policies that take effect on 1 January 2017.

For 2016 information, see the 2016 Authoritative Handbook:


Documents listed below will be of particular interest to students studying at Murdoch University. Most can be found in the Policy and Procedure Manager at:



Coursework Regulations
Fees Regulations
Graduate Research Degrees Regulations
Higher Doctorate Regulations
Student Appeals Committee Regulations
Student Discipline Regulations
Student Loan Regulations


Fee Rules
Library Rules
Rules for the Conduct of Examinations


Advanced Standing Policy
Assessment Policy
Conscientious Objection in Teaching and Assessment Policy
Copyright Matters and Copyright Policy
Email and Electronic Messaging Policy
Honours Policy
IT Conditions of Use Policy
Privacy Policy
Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Student Appeals Policy
Units Policy


The University’s Code of Ethics is a public statement of the ethical principles, values and behaviours expected of members of Murdoch University.

The University’s Student Code of Conduct sets out standards of conduct and integrity that are consistent with the ethical values and behaviours specified in the Code of Ethics. It is intended to guide students to identify and resolve issues of ethical conduct that may arise. Attached to the Code of Conduct, the Murdoch University Student Charter sets out the standards of service that the University aims to provide to students.

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The University reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any course, major, minor or unit if the number of students enrolled falls below limits set by the University.

Regulations and Rules

Students should ensure they are familiar with the University's internal legislation, including provisions specifically relevant to their studies. See the University Regulation overview and view legislation online.