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Support Services

Alumni Association

All graduates of Murdoch University automatically become members of our growing worldwide alumni family. The Office of Alumni Relations stays in contact with over 65,000 graduates through our six-weekly e-newsletter and a biannual print magazine, Intouch

We host and sponsor a range of alumni events including family fun days, networking evenings, career seminars, reunions and public lectures that are held locally and internationally throughout the year. Our annual Distinguished Alumni Awards program recognises outstanding professional, community service and personal achievements of Murdoch University alumni.

Many Murdoch services can continue to be used following graduation, including career and employment assistance, free on-campus parking, University Library membership and discounts at the University Bookshop and Sports and Recreation Centre. 

One of the most important things for alumni to do is to notify the Alumni Relations Office of any email or postal address changes, as all our communications and event invitations rely upon accurate and up-to-date contact details.

Many Murdoch alumni find it rewarding to donate their time and expertise to help current students. The Murdoch e-Mentoring Network LinkedIn group is an online group exclusive to current students and alumni of Murdoch University that helps to make the transition from study to the workplace easier. Go to the e-Mentoring Network page on LinkedIn to join in with open group discussions, or to speak to an alumni e-Mentor one-on-one using private messages.


To discover how you can link into the Murdoch global network and enjoy continuing involvement with your university, visit Alumni Relations online at:



The Bookshop caters for students, staff and the general community.

The Bookshop is located to the north of the Refectory building on the northern side of South Street campus. It offers an extensive range of products and services beyond just books including University merchandise, giftware, stationery, parking passes, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Red Bull and much more. Books can also be ordered online via the Bookshop web site.

Access is via South Street (park in car park 3 or 4).

Business hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Telephone (08) 9360 2540
Facsimile (08) 9310 7365

For Rockingham campus Bookshop information, see the Bookshop web site.

Mandurah (Peel) campus text books are sold from the administration and information reception at Mandurah campus at the beginning of each semester: see the Bookshop web site for details.


Careers and Employment

The Careers and Employment Centre assists Murdoch students and alumni to take an active role in their own career development. Located on Bush Court in the Refectory Building, the Careers and Employment Centre’s resource library contains a variety of resources for researching potential employment markets as well as information on interview preparation, work experience, graduate and vacation employment and how to write and prepare resumes and selection criteria. Professional Career Advisors are also available to help students and alumni with all career and employment-related queries, as well as presenting a number of job-preparation workshops throughout the year. For more information about the Careers and Employment Centre visit


The Careers and Employment Centre manages a web-based program CareerConnect. All Murdoch University students and alumni are encouraged to register with CareerConnect to access up-to-date information on job vacancies, application resources and employment-related events, including an e-mentoring program where students can connect with Murdoch Alumni.


Centre for University Teaching and Learning

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning (CUTL) is the name of the teaching and learning support service at Murdoch University.

CUTL provides advice to Murdoch university students and staff about learning and teaching. Working with CUTL can help students succeed and make the most of their potential by developing the skills to work effectively at university, whether an undergraduate student, a postgraduate student or taking an enabling program before joining.

CUTL helps students at Murdoch acquire the academic literacy, numeracy and study skills that are essential for tertiary study. CUTL staff work together with academic staff across the university to provide facilities and training for learning and teaching.  

CUTL also organises support for students in all courses of study. This includes individual consultations and specialist help for students for whom English is a Second Language (ESL).

Make an appointment by contacting us or visiting reception.

South Street campus: Library, North Wing, Level 4
Telephone: (08) 9360 2142
Mandurah (Peel) campus: Building 101, Room 1.022
Telephone Phil Arena: (08) 9582 5530

Students who have yet to join Murdoch can take one of these free courses:

  • OnTrack, a 14-week pre-university enabling program that provides an alternative entry pathway into Murdoch University, designed for people who want a positive change in their life or career.
  • OnTrack Sprint, a four week enabling program that provides an alternative entry pathway into Murdoch University, designed for people who have completed their WACE in the past 18 months but have not quite achieved the requirements for direct entry.
  • Learning for Tomorrow (TLC110) is an aspiration-building enabling program for Year 12 students from eligible schools in the Rockingham and Mandurah regions, who are not on an ATAR pathway. This is a WACE-accredited unit that allows students to experience university life and also provides an alternative entry pathway into undergraduate study at Murdoch University.


The University provides a Chaplaincy service to both students and staff with guidance and counselling of a spiritual or personal nature being available.

For current contact details, location and worship times, visit:


Child Care

The South Street campus has a high quality child care centre and Kindergarten that is used by students, staff and community members. The centre provides care for 48 children, aged six months to five years. The centre is a not-for-profit, community-based service run by a parent management committee. The professional team at Murdoch University Child Care Centre provide play and learning experiences which express the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

Due to the quality and popularity of the service there is a waiting list in some age groups. Places are available on a full-time or part-time basis from January to December each year. The Centre only takes permanent weekly bookings. Bookings are essential.

Telephone (08) 9360 2610

Counselling Service

The Murdoch University Health: Counselling Service aims to help students to build resilience throughout their university degree and help them to reach their goals. Sometimes personal issues can get in the way of reaching those goals; at those times, the Counselling Service is here to help.

The Counselling Service provides information and support about a range of study and personal issues such as:

  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Managing exams with less stress
  • Managing your emotions
  • Building resilience
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Managing stress
  • Improving self esteem

Murdoch’s counsellors are qualified and registered psychologists and clinical psychologists, male and female, and of a variety of ages. The counselling team have extensive experience and skills in helping people with a wide range of personal, psychological and study-related issues.

Students who are new to the service will be seen in a triage appointment of 15 to 20 minutes. Before this appointment, students will be asked to complete some forms and answer questionnaires that help the Counselling Service to understand their current circumstances and how they are feeling.

In the triage appointment, the counsellor will gather information about the student and the sorts of difficulties being experienced. The counsellor will also discuss the best course of action, which may include offered further individual counselling, group sessions, online resources, or direction to another service in the community. 

The service is confidential and free to enrolled students.

Triage appointments are held from 9.00am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday at South Street and on Mondays at Mandurah (Peel) campus. 

Use any of the following contact information to make a triage appointment or ongoing appointments.

Telephone: (08) 9360 1227 (South Street) or (08) 9582 5501 (Mandurah)
South Street: Social Sciences Building 440, Bush Court
Mandurah: via the Student Centre
Email: counsellingservice@murdoch.edu.au

For more information and resources, visit



Murdoch University is committed to equal opportunity and social justice principles, policy and practice, through embedding social justice into academic business, maintaining an environment free from discrimination and supporting the diverse needs of students and staff. This includes the integration of equal opportunity and social justice into the academic learning environment.

Staff requiring information on the University’s equal opportunity and social justice initiatives, resources and customised diversity and intercultural awareness training should contact the People and Culture Office on:

Telephone (08) 9360 2430

or visit the Equal Opportunity and Social Justice web site:


Students requiring information on the University’s equal opportunity and social justice initiatives, resources and training should contact the Manager, Equity and Social Inclusion on:

Telephone: (08) 9360 6146

or visit: 



The learning environment supports cultural diversity by providing services responsive to individual needs.

Murdoch rejects inappropriate distinctions on the grounds of race (colour, ethnicity, national origin, nationality or descent), sex, pregnancy, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender history, family responsibility, family status, political or religious conviction, impairment, breastfeeding or spent conviction. The elimination of all forms of direct and indirect discrimination is fully endorsed by the Senate, the Vice Chancellor, and all members of University management. Sexual harassment and racial harassment are prohibited in all aspects of University life.

Staff requiring information on the University’s equal opportunity policies, procedures for handling equity complaints or other policies pertaining to harassment and discrimination should visit the Human Resources Office web site:

Telephone (08) 9360 7230

Students requiring information about discrimination or harassment should contact the Manager, Equity and Social Inclusion:

Telephone (08) 9360 6146

Students who have other grievances or appeals should visit the Student Complaints web site:


If staff or students experience discrimination or harassment, trained staff advisors are listed at: 


Students and staff with disabilities

The University welcomes applications from people with a disability or medical condition and is committed to increasing and enhancing opportunities for access to higher education and graduate employment. Prospective and current students with a disability or medical condition are encouraged to discuss their needs with the University.

Studying successfully at Murdoch requires that all students meet certain inherent requirements. These include compliance with University regulations, rules and policies, meeting the learning outcomes of the course and its units and participation in learning activities that demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes. For students with a disability or medical condition, the University recognises that reasonable adjustments may be made to learning activities that enable those students to achieve the same learning outcomes. All prospective students are encouraged explore any concerns with the Academic Chair or School Dean.

Students can access information and support by contacting the Equity and Social Inclusion Office on:

Telephone (08) 9360 6084

Services and facilities available at the University include accessible parking bays, library assistance, alternative examination and test arrangements, access to specialised study equipment, assistive technology, lecture notes and transcriptions. Further information about the disability support program is available in different formats on request.

Enquiries concerning employment or support for staff with disabilities should be directed to the Human Resources Office:

Telephone (08) 9360 2430

Equity and Social Inclusion

Murdoch University supports a number of programs that ensure access to tertiary study and support for people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

For information on alternative entry pathways see:

Telephone: 1300 MURDOCH (1300 6873624)

The Equity and Social Inclusion Office also encourages the recognition of and support for students from all diverse backgrounds to ensure a positive engagement with university life.

South Street campus: Economics, Commerce and Law Building, Room ECL1.009; easy access parking (ACROD) is at the top of Car Park 7.

Guild of Students

Established in 1976 by students, for students, The Guild is an advocacy, support and service organisation, run independently from the University.

The Guild is governed by a democratically elected student council and provides student representation across major University academic and governance committees. The Guild represents the student voice and works to ensure students are the first consideration in University decision-making.

The Guild also provides a range of education and welfare support services through the Student Assist Office including advice on academic appeals, Food Bank access, legal referrals, tax help, tenancy services, tutoring and support with Centrelink issues. Additionally through the Student Assist web site the Guild runs an employment and accommodation registry and a book subsidy scheme, providing students in need with the funds to cover their textbooks each semester.

While student advocacy and welfare is the Guild’s core role, it also exists to make university life more fun: uni should not just be about studying or pulling hair out around exam time! By running numerous events throughout the year, the Guild ensures that there is always something to look forward to on campus.

Some of the Guild’s annual events include Orientation Festival, the Guild Ball and Stamp Out Stress. The Guild also supports over 100 different Guild-registered clubs, societies and collectives through the provision of grants and assistance from the Guild’s Student Projects Office. For aspiring writers, the student magazine Metior is a great way to get published and build a portfolio.

Joining the Guild is free for students and entitles members to representation, advocacy and a range of discounts and special offers both on- and off-campus. Students who would like to join the Guild, or become more involved in any of the Guild activities, clubs and societies at Murdoch, should check out the web site.


Indigenous Student Support

Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre

‘Kulbardi: Wings to Fly’

The Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre believes that education is freedom. It gives you the wings to fly and live the life you want to live. The people you meet, the ideas you engage with, and the doors that open are transformational.

The Kulbardi Centre is located on the grounds of Murdoch University’s Murdoch campus. The Centre provides the following for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students:

  • A pathway into undergraduate studies here at Murdoch University through the 14-week K-Track program
  • Academic, cultural and social support within a stimulating learning community
  • Career development opportunities for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

Pathways into University

Kulbardi is committed to providing Indigenous students with the opportunity to access higher education. K-Track, our enabling course, prepares prospective undergraduate students for university learning. The course may be commenced in Semester 1 or Semester 2 of each year and is available internally at the Murdoch campus as well as externally (online) at either a full-time or part time study load. K-Track enables entry into all undergraduate fields except Veterinary Studies, Law and Chiropractic. However, the University does provide alternative pathways into these courses.

Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial assistance complements student learning and enables students to become independent learners. The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is a tutorial assistance program funded by the Australian Federal Government under the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy. Tutorial assistance is available to all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students who are studying at Murdoch University. For further information, to apply for ITAS or to become a tutor, please contact Kulbardi.

Indigenous Scholarships

There is a wide range of scholarships available to Murdoch Indigenous students to assist them in completing their studies. There are several types of Indigenous scholarships available with different eligibility criteria and across various areas of study. To find out about all available scholarships and how to apply, visit the Scholarships site:



For advice about applying for alternative entry and about general support on campus, contact

Telephone (08) 9360 2128

Information Technology at Murdoch

Information technology services at Murdoch University are delivered by the Office of Information Technology Services.

The IT Client Services team is the first point of contact for all student and staff IT needs and provides a variety of service channels across all Murdoch campuses. Service channels include a walk-up Service Desk in the main entrance to the Library on South Street campus, telephone, email, live chat and online self-help resources.

Details about current IT incidents or issues affecting student and staff services are posted in relevant information portals. Instant alerts about service interruptions are posted to the IT Client Services Twitter account 'Murdoch_ITS'.

The IT Client Services team is available 8.30am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 12.00am to 5.00pm Saturday. The IT Client Services team is not available on Sundays.

Telephone: (+61) 8 9360 2000

International Student Support

Murdoch University is a Registered Provider of Education Services and Training as stipulated under the Commonwealth Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 (as amended in 2007) and the Western Australian State Education Service Providers (Full Fee Overseas Students) Registration (ESPRA) Act 1991. The University’s Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Provider Code is 00125J.

Full details of the ESOS Act and the National Code of Practice can be found at


Details of the ESPRA Act, including details of the State Government Conciliator, can be obtained from The Student Centre.

Use of Personal Information

Information provided by students to the University may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the related National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007.

Contact Details

All international students are required to keep Murdoch University informed of their current Australian residential address. This must be done within seven days of arrival in Australia and within seven days of any subsequent change of address. Any changes to contact details should be updated via MyInfo.

Keeping the University informed of current contact details satisfies the obligation to update the Department of Immigration and Border Protection condition 8533 of a Student Visa; failure to do this is a breach of the visa conditions.

Only a student’s Home address should be recorded as the Residential Address, not a Post Office Box address. Students are also required to provide and maintain their emergency contact details in MyInfo. To update contact details, access MyInfo via:


Changes to Approved Study Programs

Completing studies within the timeframe of student visa

International students are obliged, under the terms of their Student Visa, to maintain a study load that will see them complete within the duration specified on the visa. It is expected that a student will maintain a full-time study load (12 credit points per semester). However, students are able to reduce their study load in certain conditions approved by staff in The Student Centre. Students intending to amend their study program by changing unit selections or withdrawing from units, decreasing the number of units being studied or changing a unit’s mode of study from internal to external must contact The Student Centre for approval, prior to making any changes. Information and advice will be provided that will ensure the integrity of the Student Visa and the study program.

Course or Major Transfer

If an international student wishes to change their course or primary major, they must submit a Course Transfer/Change of Primary Major Application form. See:


After a decision has been made, the student will be notified in writing. Changing the course or primary major may have an impact upon the student’s visa, and students may be required to apply for a new visa if the duration of study has been extended. If an international student is given permission to change their course of study they must contact The Student Centre for advice regarding any change to student visa requirements.

Approved Leave (intermission of enrolment; deferral or suspension of studies)

If an international student wishes a break in their studies they can do so under Murdoch University regulations (carefully read ‘Approved Leave’ in the Study at Murdoch section of this Handbook). The University is required to report the break in studies to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The Department generally expects students on approved leave to return to their home country for that period, although exceptions can be made to this requirement in exceptional cases. International students who want a break in their studies should contact The Student Centre for advice regarding the implications on their student visa.

Withdrawal of Enrolment

If an international student wishes to withdraw from the University, they can do so by completing and submitting a ‘Complete Withdrawal from Course’ form. Before submitting the form they must contact The Student Centre to discuss the implications of the withdrawal on their student visa. The form can be obtained from:


Transferring to another Educational Provider

The National Code of Practice (2007) does not allow international students to transfer educational providers within the first six months of their course of study. Students wishing to do so must submit a request in writing to The Student Centre for a Letter of Release. If the request is granted, a Letter of Release will be provided. If the request is denied, students have the right to appeal in writing.

Students who have already been enrolled at the University for more than six months need to:

1. Seek advice from The Student Centre prior to withdrawing
2. Upon approval, students need to withdraw from all units via MyInfo
3. Fill out a ‘Complete Withdrawal from Course’ form
4. Submit the completed form to The Student Centre.

The form can be obtained from:


Academic Progress

The University is required to monitor the academic progress of each international student at the end of each study period. This is undertaken as part of the Board of Examiners where all students are assessed against relevant academic progress rules. Students who have failed to meet satisfactory course progress are notified.

If a student is to be suspended or subsequently excluded from their course or from the University, there are significant implications for the student’s visa. The University is required to report the student to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for failure to meet satisfactory academic performance; this may result in the student visa being deferred or cancelled. Students to be excluded from the University will be notified in writing and will have 20 working days in which to lodge an appeal before the suspension or exclusion is put into effect or a report made to the Department. While the relevant internal or external appeal process is undertaken the enrolment is maintained. If no appeal is submitted or all appeals have been unsuccessful, the University is required to report the unsatisfactory academic progress to the Department.

International students concerned about their academic progress or interested in further information and advice on this monitoring and reporting process are advised to contact The Student Centre. Murdoch University also has an intervention strategy that international students can access if they are failing units and want support. This is recommended for all students on probation status. Under this strategy international students can discuss their study performance and plans with any of a number of support staff, and agree to a tailored study plan. Further details can be obtained from The Student Centre.

Appealing to an External Agency

International students studying at Murdoch University on a student visa have the right to access an external agency for appeals if they are not satisfied that the University’s internal complaint and appeal process has been conducted fairly. The primary body is the Western Australia Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is independent and external to the University and does not charge any fee for the service.

Normally, the Ombudsman will only consider whether the University has followed its own policies and procedures and whether the handling of a case has been fair and reasonable. The Ombudsman does not make a new decision to replace the decision made by the University (for example, as to what the academic result for a unit should be). However, as a result of an investigation, the Ombudsman may recommend that the University reconsider the case.

All complaints to the Ombudsman need to be made in writing, but initial enquiries about making a complaint may be made by telephone; ask to speak to an Enquiry Officer.

Contact details for the Ombudsman are:

Ombudsman Western Australia
PO Box Z5386
St Georges Terrace
Telephone (08) 9220 7555, or free call 1800 117000 (outside the metropolitan area)
Facsimile (08) 9325 1107

International students can also discuss any grievance, or seek advice, from the Western Australian Conciliator for International Students. This is also a free service provided through the Western Australian State Government. More information can be found at:


Extension of Student Visa

International students may need to extend their student visa for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection typically expects students to complete their studies within the timeframe of their student visa. However, extensions are possible in many circumstances. Once a student realises that they will not be able to complete their studies within the time allowed on their student visa, they should contact The Student Centre to discuss the effects this may have on their current student visa, or on the extension of their student visa in the future.


The Murdoch University Library provides students with a friendly, engaging and professional service to support their learning and research objectives, and to equip them with the skills to negotiate today’s information maze and engage in a lifetime of learning.

The Library supports learning and research by providing focused collections, training and assistance in the use of information resources, information services, and an environment conducive to work and study.

Murdoch's libraries offer a large number of computers as well as wireless Internet access, and there are many outlets for charging electronic devices. Printing, copying and scanning facilities are available, and there are group study rooms and carrels for private study. An Assistive Technologies Room provides access to a range of equipment and furniture for students with disabilities. A wide range of printed and electronic resources are available within the Library and online. 

For help finding information, use the ‘Ask a Librarian’ service: also, our friendly, expert staff will answer questions and provide professional guidance in person, by email, or via live chat.

Murdoch University Library has reciprocal sharing agreements with many other Australian and New Zealand university libraries.


Library Learning Commons

The Murdoch University Learning Commons at South Street and Mandurah Campuses are uniquely-designed learning facilities that brings together key services and resources in support of student learning. Veterinary Sciences students also have a Learning Common which is open 24 hours 7 days a week. 

These Learning Common areas provide access to computers, many of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wifi, study benches and tables with power are available so students can use personal devices.

The Learning Common experience at South Street is enhanced with refreshments available from Café Kadjininy. 


Medical Service

The Murdoch University Health: Medical Service provides confidential, high quality medical assessment, treatment and referrals as well health promotion activities for the Murdoch community. The Medical Service, based on the South Street Campus, is available to all students actively enrolled at Murdoch University. Staff may also access the service for acute health needs throughout the year. 

The team of experienced doctors and nurses provide medical treatment and health advice for a whole range of health concerns that may impact on your ability to study and or be at work. 

Doctors are available at the service on most week days and can be seen by scheduling an appointment either with the reception team or online. Students who have Medicare will be bulked billed by the service. International students with private health insurance will also be direct billed by some providers and/or be able to claim back the full cost of the appointment from their insurer. Staff members are required to pay a small out of pocket fee to see the doctor. 

The University nurse is available Monday to Friday via a non-bookable walk-in triage service for a wide range of issues from health advice, sexual health screenings, blood tests, mental health support, and first aid. There is no fee to see the nurse, however charges do apply for consumables such as vaccines administered by the nurse. 

The Medical Service coordinates a number of health promotion events throughout the year, aimed at supporting students and staff to live healthy lives. The service is also able to coordinate School-specific vaccination clinics for students going on placement and/or study tours overseas. 

For more information regarding the Medical Service, where to find it and services offered please visit 

Telephone (08) 9360 2293

Occupational Safety and Health

Murdoch has a safety and health management system in place for the management of Occupational Safety and Health. Integral to this is a commitment to provide a safe working environment to all members of the University community as outlined in the OSH Policy Statement.

As part of the hazard management system, a hazard and incident reporting system is on the OSH web site. All hazards and incidents must be reported via the online reporting system at 


The University is committed to ensuring that its students, staff, contractors and visitors are not exposed to tobacco smoke in its buildings and vehicles. A total smoking ban is in place at all Murdoch University. The prohibition includes but is not limited to all University-controlled buildings, all open areas of each campus, all University vehicles and boats, and other areas designated as no smoking areas by signage. Penalties will apply for breaching this policy.

Professional advice, support and services are available in occupational safety and health, OSH risk management, auditing to Australian Standards 4801:2001 [OHSMS], Worksafe Assessment standards and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard.

For further information or assistance, contact staff via


Student Accommodation

Murdoch University offers on-campus accommodation at Murdoch University Village. Accommodation at the Village fills quickly and the University recommends that applications be submitted as soon as possible. Applications should be submitted online through the web site below.

Off-campus housing is available through an Off-Campus Housing Referral Service.

Murdoch University Village

Murdoch University Village is located in lush native bushland surrounds on the western end of the South Street campus. The Village offers a diverse range of one- to eight-bedroom apartments for over 800 students, including a choice of modern one-, two- and five-bedroom apartments opened in 2009. All apartments are fully furnished and self catered, featuring kitchens, lounge areas, bathrooms and bedrooms (with the option of ensuite, single, double and twin share). Residents can access public transport and travel to and from the Perth CBD with ease via bus service to purchase any linen or homewares they may need during their stay. A range of accessible accommodation options is available for students with disabilities.

Student life is an integral part of the Murdoch University Village experience. On-site facilities have been designed to enhance the student lifestyle and include a swimming pool, e-library, recreation room, student lounge, television room, study centre and beach volleyball and basketball courts.

An extensive event program offers activities to support social, academic and personal development, from movie nights to study groups and cooking classes. The Village has also implemented their award-winning V1 First Year Uni Program, designed to assist first-year students with settling in, making new friends and learning about the local area. If residents need help, a friendly Resident Assistant team is available to provide support, help students settle into the community and adjust to life in Australia. Resident Assistants, staff and/or security are on site 24 hours a day.

Visit the web site below for more information or to apply online.

Murdoch University Village
PO Box 1055
Canning Vale WA 6970
Telephone (08) 9360 2909
Facsimile (08) 9360 2977

Off-Campus Housing

The Off-Campus Housing Referral Service provides assistance to students through referral to a list of private accommodation providers. Accommodation arrangements vary from home stay with provision of meals, through to sharing a house or apartment.

Students should ensure they have temporary accommodation arranged if they intend to source more permanent accommodation after arrival. The Murdoch University Village web site includes links to other sites where private rental and share accommodation are advertised.

Fee Calculator
Handbook help
Information for Students


The University reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any course, major, minor or unit if the number of students enrolled falls below limits set by the University.

Regulations and Rules

Students should ensure they are familiar with the University's internal legislation, including provisions specifically relevant to their studies. See the University Regulation overview and view legislation online.