Volunteer Programs

The University Community and Career Skills Development Transcript records student participation in approved volunteer programs.

The following are notes regarding volunteer programs. For further information see the Community and Career Skills Development Transcript Policy at:

  • Only volunteer programs are eligible for inclusion on the Community and Career Skills Development Transcript. Programs in which the student receives either payment or academic credit are not eligible.
  • The volunteer program must require a significant commitment from participating students. As a general guide, a minimum level of commitment in any 12-month period (which can span successive semesters in two calendar years) would normally be 40 hours.
  • Entries on a student’s Community and Career Skills Development Transcript will only be made on successful completion of the volunteer program.
  • Students may elect not to have a particular volunteer program listed on their Community and Career Skills Development Transcript.
  • Appeals relating to inclusion of items in a student’s Community and Career Skills Development Transcript will be decided by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

Volunteer Programs are approved by Academic Council each year in January and June. They may include the following:

School of Arts

Murdoch University Student Tourism Association (MUSTA)
Nexus Theatre Technician Trainee Program

School of Engineering and Information Technology

Chemistry Clinic
Engineering and Science Help Classes
Executive Management of Murdoch Engineering Student Society (MESS)
Maths and Stats Clinic

School of Law

Executive Management of the Murdoch Student Law Society

School of Management and Governance

Management and Governance Society (formerly Murdoch Business Club)

School of Psychology and Exercise Science

Murdoch Psych Society (MPS) Leadership Committee

School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

Bovine Interest Group
Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education Ambassador Program (formerly Continuing Education Ambassador)
Executive Management of Murdoch Veterinary Students Association
Molecular and Biomedical Students (MABS)
Murdoch Animal Science Student Association (MASSA)
Murdoch Animal Welfare Society (MAWS)
Murdoch Association of Veterinary Public Health Committee
Murdoch Association of Veterinary Surgery (MAVS)
Murdoch Canine Interest Group
Murdoch Equine Interest Group
Murdoch Travelling Vet Students
Murdoch University Environmental Science Association (MUEnSA)
Murdoch University Wildlife Association
Vet SOS (formerly Wellness and Mental Health)
Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)
Veterinary Trust Ambassadors

Academic Registrar

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

Director, Student Services

Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE) Leader Volunteer
Murdoch Peer Mentoring Program (formerly Murdoch Mentoring Program)
Murdoch International Student Volunteers Program

Murdoch University Guild of Students

The Guild Council Volunteer Program (formerly The Guild Student Council Program)
The Guild Education Council Volunteer Program
Murdoch International Student Association
Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders Alumni Mentors
Murdoch Students Emerging Leaders
Murdoch University Guild Peer to Peer Tutoring Program
The Murdoch Volunteering Hub
Student Community Leaders Program (formerly The Guild Clubs Committee Volunteer Program)

Senior Executive Director

Environmental Management

Sports Manager

Murdoch Sports Leadership Program (formerly Student Sports Council)

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