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Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

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  • Year: 2020
  • Discipline Group: College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education
  • Unit Class: internal

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11 Units found for 2020

Code Title Previously Availability Credit Points
BMS107Foundations of Vertebrate Form and Function2013: 'Principles of Vertebrate Physiology' MURDOCHMURDOCH: S2-internal
BMS206Biomedical Physiology MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal
BMS211Medical Immunology and Molecular Genetics MURDOCHMURDOCH: S2-internal
BMS212Medical Microbiology2014: 'Comparative and Human Microbiology' MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal
BRD203Carbon and Climate: A Wicked Problem MURDOCHMURDOCH: S2-internal, S2-external
BRD209Creativity and Innovation MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal, S1-external
KAPLAN-SGPKAPLAN-SGP: TJA-internal, TMA-internal, TSA-internal
BSC100Building Blocks for Science Students MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal, S1-external, S2-internal, S2-external
VLS300Group Projects in Veterinary and Life Sciences MURDOCHMURDOCH: AW3-external, AW4-external, S1-internal, S1-external, S2-internal, S2-external, ST3-internal, ST3-external, SUM-internal, SUM-external, W-internal, W-external
VLS301Veterinary and Life Sciences Research Project MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal, S1-external, S2-internal, S2-external, SUM-internal, SUM-external, W-internal, W-external
VLS601Veterinary and Life Sciences Masters Independent Study MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1-internal, S1-external, S2-internal, S2-external, SUM-internal, SUM-external, W-internal, W-external
VLS683Advanced Research Methods for Scientists2014: ENV683
2014: 'Advanced Environmental Science Research Methods'
MURDOCHMURDOCH: S1S-internal, S1S-external, S2N3-internal, S2N3-external
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