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Unit (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Clinical Radiology (CHI420)

Organisational Unit Psychology, Counselling, Exercise Science and Chiropractic
Credit Points 2
Description This unit completes the clinical radiology components of the course, covering topics such as neoplasm and other diseases of bone, joint and soft tissues.
Unit Learning Outcomes On successful completion of the unit you should be able to:
1. assess radiographic images (x-rays) and:
* demonstrate a level of understanding of normal radiographic anatomy sufficient to distinguish between normal and abnormal osseous and soft tissue structures;
* identify and differentiate common nutritional and endocrine-related conditions of the musculoskeletal system;
* identify and distinguish between the various congenital and dysplastic conditions of the musculoskeletal system;
* identify and distinguish between the various vascular and epiphyseal-specific conditions of the bones;
* identify various types of tumors of bone and soft tissues, and soft tissue calcifications;
* distinguish between benign and aggressive tumors and bone infections, and the best ways to help make the distinction.
2. discuss the basic underlying pathology that results in the imaging presentation of the above noted disorders.
3. analyse the clinical and imaging information obtained, developing differential and working diagnoses based on this information.
4. integrate the epidemiology of the conditions covered into the decision making process when developing a differential diagnosis.
5. demonstrate a practical understanding of the role of the various types of imaging in the assessment of the nutritional, endocrine, vascular, infectious, and neoplastic lesions, as evidenced by appropriate selection of the various imaging modalities used in the work-up of the conditions covered.
6. apply lines of measurement accurately and appropriately in the clinical, postural, and biomechanical evaluation of radiographs.
Timetabled Learning Activities Lectures: 2 hours per week; practical laboratories: 2 hours per week.
Unit Learning Experiences The approach to learning in this unit is to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills development in the assessment of diagnostic imaging. This unit is designed to build on previous years' knowledge and training in the field of radiology. Practical lab time will be used to further develop skills in image interpretation, building on the student's knowledge of normal radiographic anatomy and basic film interpretation techniques from prior years. Lectures and practical classes will carry a significant element of discussion and student participation. The student is strongly encouraged to be well prepared for each lecture and practical class. You must develop your eyes' ability to view the image, to create a three-dimensional representation of the patient from two-dimensional images, and to distinguish all the subtle variations of normal from what is truly abnormal - this requires continuous practice to master the skill, so some additional time should be spent in the radiology lab each week reviewing the cases covered during the teaching period. In addition to lectures and practicals, the clinical application of lines of measurement will be covered as a self-directed, out-of-class activity. All lecture presentations and unit reader are available for review prior to and following each lecture on the LMS system.
Other Learning Experiences Self-directed out-of-class activity relating to radiographic lines of measurement.
Assessment THEORY EXAMINATION - 50%: Focuses on general knowledge, case scenarios, and clinical decision-making on all material covered during the trimester.

PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT 1 - 20%: Assesses your ability to identify, discuss, and/or differentiate examples of various pathologies.

PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT 2 - 25%: Assesses your ability to identify, discuss, and/or differentiate examples of various pathologies and measurement scenarios.

REPORT WRITING - 5%: Write an x-ray report on an assigned case.

FORMATIVE PRACTICAL QUIZZES - 0%: Formative assessments are primarily used as an alternative teaching tool to enhance skills and give you direct feedback on how well you are grasping the concepts.

LINES OF MENSURATION WORKBOOK - 0%: Out-of-class activity utilizing case scenarios to demonstrate appropriate radiographic measurement protocols.
Prerequisites Successful completion of BSc(Chiropractic) or permission of the Academic Chair.
Quota This unit is subject to quota. Quota is due to limited resources and space requirements. Preference will be given to students in the Bachelor of Chiropractic.
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.


Unit Coordinator
Associate Professor Jeffrey Cooley
Associate Professor

Murdoch Campus
t: 9360 2754
e: J.Cooley@murdoch.edu.au
o: 460.2.048 - Economics, Commerce and Law, Murdoch Campus
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