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Unit (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Advanced Screen Production (MCC302)

Organisational Unit Creative Media, Arts and Design
Credit Points 4
Availability DUBAI-ISC: TJD-internal, TSD-internal
Description This is a follow-on unit from MCC201 Professional Development in Screen Production and MCC353 Writing for the Screen. It provides students with an opportunity for creating a short film production of their choosing in the available media of film or digital video. The unit is designed with a degree of individual flexibility and programs of work can be designed to meet specialist needs. Students are encouraged to produce a portfolio of work for future Screen Production career purposes.
Timetabled Learning Activities Lectures: 1 hour per week; workshops: 2 hours per week.
Note: Lectures and workshops/tutorials commence in Week 1 of the semester.
Unit Learning Experiences The unit aims to provide students with a more in depth training and experience
with key aspects of narrative screen production in both location and studio
based environments. As such, there will be in-workshop demonstrations, tasks,
and exercises which are designed to advance students capabilities as
filmmakers. Additionally, the unit assessments are staggered in way so that
students get a real world experience of deadlines, to better prepare students
for careers in this competitive industry.

On successful completion of the unit you should be able to:
1. Demonstrate a heightened knowledge of the components of successful
narrative screen productions
2. Apply that knowledge to
a) Write and pre-plan stronger and more creatively dynamic films
b) More ably integrate and balance ALL aspects of filmmaking such as
cinematography, sound design, production design, and
c) Demonstrate good written, visual, and oral communication skills in
different contexts such as pitching ideas, filling in forms, preproduction
d) Show a level of professional in co-operating and respecting
members of their groups and any other actor, or crewmember they
may work with
Assessment Your TUTOR is your Executive Producer. Murdoch
University is your 'Production House'.

PRODUCERS and/or DIRECTORS will present their ideas within the 2nd
Week workshop class during a PITCH SESSION. Feedback will be given
and also give students an opportunity to align themselves with projects that
they may want to work on as KEY CREW if (in the event) their own project is
not chosen. Recommended projects from the PITCH SESSION will be
SHORT-LISTED for the PANEL SESSION. FINAL scripts and productions will be finalized and chosen from this panel session. All SUCCESSFUL applicants will be informed in the
WEEK 4 workshops - PRE-PRODUCTION will begin from this point. and multi-crew roles will be FINALISED
Prerequisites MCC201 Professional Development in Screen and Sound Production (or MED301 Professional Development in Screen Production or MED301 Screen Projects).
Exclusions Students who have successfully completed MED302 Advanced Screen and Sound Production may not enrol in this unit for credit.
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.


Unit Coordinator
Dr Glen Stasiuk

Murdoch Campus
t: 9360 6468
e: g.stasiuk@murdoch.edu.au
o: 450.4.046 - Education and Humanities, Murdoch Campus
Unit Contacts

Mr Damian Fasolo
Associate Lecturer

Murdoch Campus
t: 9360 6106
e: D.Fasolo@murdoch.edu.au
o: 450.4.071 - Education and Humanities, Murdoch Campus
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