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Unit (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

World Religions (REL101)

Organisational Unit Creative Media, Arts and Design
Credit Points 3
Description In Australia, multiple religions coexist, along with secularism. In this unit, the significance of religion in the modern world is examined through a comparative study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Themes such as the representation of images, the interpretation of sacred texts, ethics, birth and death are explored. Contemporary issues are examined from multiple perspectives. The aim of this unit is to provide a basic religious literacy that will enable you to critically engage with different religious perspectives.
Unit Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to:
1. Compare and contrast specific themes in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
2. Critically reflect upon issues related religion and articulate a response substantiated by evidence.
3. Describe basic facts about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Timetabled Learning Activities Lectures: 1 hour per week; tutorials: 1 hour per week.
External Students: Discussion forum
Online Chat
Unit Learning Experiences The key learning activities for all students are reading, research and writing. Instructional methods include:
* Embedded Multimedia
* Online Quizzes
* Online Assignment submission
* Online lectures
* Web links
* Online chat/forums
A key learning experience for internal students will be a group presentation.
Other Learning Experiences This unit does not offer structured field trips but students may independently visit places of worship for the five religions and talk with religious practitioners.
Assessment Assessments include an essay, a presentation and an exam. Non-assessed quizzes are provided to test content knowledge.
Prerequisites Nil.
Exclusions Students who have successfully completed THE282 World Religions may not enrol in this unit for credit.
Notes This is a University-Wide Breadth Unit. If this unit is taken as a Core or Specified Elective unit in a student's major or minor, it cannot also be used to satisfy the University-Wide Breadth Unit requirement. If taken as a University-Wide Breadth Unit, this unit will contribute to satisfying that Part II requirement of the Bachelor degree, however its credit points will be counted as Part I points; students should note that no more than 30 credit points at Part I may be credited towards course completion requirements.
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.


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