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Unit (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Engineering Professional Practice (ENG100)

Organisational Unit Engineering and Energy
Credit Points 0
Availability MURDOCH: YU5-internal
Description This unit supports students in managing their own career development throughout their degree and introduces them to skills and competencies they will need. It provides students with information and resources to assist them in sourcing, completing and evidencing a range of industry related activities to match their career goals and is aimed to develop awareness of specific industry issues and employer needs to increase overall employability. Activities provide the means by which students can satisfy the Engineers Australia requirements for professional practice.
Unit Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this unit students will be able to:
1. Identify the key qualities needed for effective career planning in a changing world;
2. Demonstrate an ability to manage their own career development through sourcing, completing and evidencing 450 Professional Practice Exposure (PPE) hours, including at least 300 hours of Industry Experience;
3. Identify the necessary skills and competencies for career success in the Engineering discipline and the broader context of work
4. Develop an awareness of industry issues specific to Engineering and employer needs to increase overall employability
5. Expand their professional network
6. Apply and develop early career technical and professional skills and competencies in a real world industrial environment, reflecting on their performance and personal experience for on-going career planning purposes.
Timetabled Learning Activities Nil.
Unit Learning Experiences This units prepares students for their future role as Engineers and includes the following learning experiences:
Self-paced Career Development and Employability modules (with quizzes) aimed to assist students with; managing their own career development, developing their overall employability and preparing them for the task of sourcing, completing and evidencing 450 PPE hours.

Access to an online career learning e-Portfolio platform for the purpose of evidencing EITHER:

1) A combination of the following activities (totaling 450 PPE hours)
- Informational Interviews with Engineers in industry;
- Site visits;
- Attending Industry Events;
- Participation in Student Competitions hosted or sponsored by Industry;
- Completion of the Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders (MSEL) program.
- Completion of at least 300 hours of Industry Experience.
2) Completion of 450 hours of Industry Experience.

NOTE: any content produced by the student can be useful for the creation of a professional portfolio and job application documents in the future.
Other Learning Experiences There are no timetabled learning activities associated with this unit except an introductory induction session. Students are expected to make their own arrangements for accruing the 450 PPE hours and obtaining any necessary approval from their Unit Coordinator for Industry Experience.
Assessment The assessment of this unit is based on:
A) Passing the self-paced Career Development and Employability modules (with quizzes).
B) The submission of a PPE Activity Log totalling at least 450 hours, including evidence (i.e. individual elective summary reports for each completed activity with any required proof). Individual reports require the student to reflect on; the skills and competencies they developed (drawing from the Stage 1 Competency Standard for Professional Engineer and general employability skills needed for career success in the broader context of work); any new industry insights gained; and an evaluation of their performance and personal experience for on-going career planning purposes.
Prerequisites Enrolment in the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Engineering Technology or any combined Engineering degree.
Assessment A result of Ungraded Pass or Fail is awarded for this unit.
Appears in these Courses/Majors:
see individual structures for context
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech)
Electrical Power Engineering Honours (BE(Hons)) (BE(Hons))
Industrial Computer Systems Engineering Honours (BE(Hons)) (BE(Hons))
Instrumentation and Control Engineering Honours (BE(Hons)) (BE(Hons))
Renewable Energy Engineering Honours (BE(Hons)) (BE(Hons))
Master of Engineering (ME)
Master of Engineering and Master of Information Technology (ME+MIT) (MIT)+(ME)
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.


Unit Coordinator
Dr David Parlevliet
Senior Lecturer

Murdoch Campus
t: 9360 2157
e: D.Parlevliet@murdoch.edu.au
o: 220.2.008I - Engineering and Energy, Murdoch Campus
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