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Unit (2020)

Information on this page, including unit offerings, is from the 2020 academic year.

Health Policy and Governance (SWM517)

Organisational Unit Business
Credit Points 3
Availability MURDOCH: S2-internal, S2-external
FTLEARN: FTL1-online
Teaching Timetables Murdoch S2
Description This unit examines national and international health policy from a governance perspective. Governance has become a central concept in many disciplines studying social coordination (e.g. political sciences, public policy, management, economics). This unit covers healthcare governance modes and how the health sector is governed in Australia and other countries. It examines the historical, economic and political influences on current and emerging issues with the purpose of identifying best practices in health policy and reforms.
Unit Learning Outcomes On successful completion of the unit the student will be able to:
ULO1: Discuss different models of regulations and governance in health care
ULO2: Critically examine the position of specific agencies and actors within the (changing) health sector governance arrangements;
ULO3: Assess the comparative performance of different health care systems and policies by describing how these function in terms of organising and financing health care, and analyse their implications for efficiency and equity in health care
ULO4: Identify and interpret research appropriate to analysing health policy and propose reforms;
ULO5: Critically analyse contemporary developments in healthcare policy and practice nationally and internationally
ULO6: Exhibit effective communication skills to specialist and non-specialist audiences
ULO7: Employ individual and team learning strategies that promote intentional learning and autonomy
ULO8: Integrate ethical and social justice issues into analysis of healthcare sector policy and practice.
Timetabled Learning Activities Seminars and workshops are delivered in intensive teaching mode (24 hours contact time), which may include evenings and weekends. For FutureLearn: Learning activities are fully online, and asynchronous.
Students are expected to stay up-to date with online learning activities (around a weekly schedule).
Unit Learning Experiences The principal method of learning is through discussion, analysis and case-study based learning. Teaching approaches are oriented towards adult learning principles. The quality of the learning experience expected to be gained by each participant is dependent not only on the design of the unit and conduct of lecture sessions, but also on the contributions to class discussions, the pre-sessions activities, and individual participants' commitment to the discovery of knowledge through preparation for, and participation in, classroom activities.
Other Learning Experiences For FutureLearn: Learning activities are fully online, and asynchronous. Students are expected to stay up-todate
with online learning activities (around a weekly schedule).
Assessment For Murdoch only:
1. Quiz (20%)
2. Exam (30%)
3. Policy Project Scope (10%)
4. Policy Project (30%)
5. Participation and Engagement (10%)
For FutureLearn only:
1. Presentation (30%)
2. Policy Project Scope (30%)
3. Policy Project (40%)
Prerequisites Enrolment in a graduate-level award.
Appears in these Courses/Majors:
see individual structures for context
Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership (GCHAPL) [New in 2015]
Master of Business Administration (Global) (MBA(Global))
Master of Development Studies (MDS)
Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership (MHAPL) [New in 2016]
Master of International Affairs and Security (MIAS)
Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM)
Internet Access RequirementsMurdoch units normally include an online component comprising materials, discussions, lecture recordings and assessment activities. All students, regardless of their location or mode of study, need to have access to and be able to use computing devices with browsing capability and a connection to the Internet via Broadband (Cable, ADSL or Mobile) or Wireless. The Internet connection should be readily available and allow large amounts of data to be streamed or downloaded (approximately 100MB per lecture recording). Students also need to be able to enter into online discussions and submit assignments online.


Unit Coordinator
Dr Ana Rita Sequeira
Lecturer in Health Policy

Murdoch Campus
t: 9360 6260
e: A.Sequeira@murdoch.edu.au
o: 512.2.005 - Murdoch Business School, Murdoch Campus
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